Our Young People

Scouting is a non- profit organisation in which we are all volunteers, from the Group leaders, all through to parent helpers.

30th Walthamstow Scout Group is a Muslim scout group. We aim to offer a safe haven for young people to integrate with others from different faiths, upbringings and cultures to understand and develop on our experiences and backgrounds for a common good. Providing an opportunity to children who otherwise would have never experienced the benefits that scouting brings is what drives the leaders every day.

Scouting offers a range of activities, adventure and personal development opportunities that we believe helps young people grow in confidence; explore their potential, comprehend the values and qualities of being a good human being and role model to others, as well as providing a range of parental/adult volunteering opportunities. Scouting is a family within a community of families; an organisation which greatly benefits the local people.

30th Walthamstow Scout Group

Scouting facilitates building relationships from within the scouting family to the wider population, both locally and nationally by inspiring parents, local businesses, charities and other youth groups to give up their time, resources and skills for a shared purpose; education, integration and empowerment for all. Quoting the Community Minister he said, “The Scouts provide an immense contribution to local communities across Britain. It’s a great way for young people to develop skills and learn about social responsibilities”.